Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will you come to us or do we have to meet you somewhere else?

A:Yes, as long as we have clearance from the landowner(s) and/or landlord(s) and/or manager(s) and it must be a in a signed written documentation by the landowner(s) and/or landlord(s) and/or manager(s).

Q: What time will we meet?

A: Outside Portraits look best if shot during the first or last hours of sunlight. You can choose whether you would prefer sunrise or sunset. We’ll notify you of an exact time. We can do other times of the day but we do not promise that we can offer the best lighting for the pictures at those times.

Indoor Sessions can be done anytime, for an indoor session please check with us for availability.

Q: How many pictures will be in our gallery?

A: This depends on the session and how many pictures we take and how many we choose from the session. We have a max of 40 pictures that we offer up as individual prints. However, if you buy the session CD/Flash Drive you will get all extra poses beyond the 40 we offer up as individual prints, that meet our minimum standards.

Q: Do you edit the pictures?

A: Yes and No. Editing is a vastly wide area when it comes to photographs and can be as simple as an adjustment of lighting with contrast or brightness or can be very detailed like advertisements, chorma-key or removing imperfections in someone’s appearance. We do make some adjustments before uploading the picture proofs if needed but our photographers are very experienced, so they usually get the lighting correct when they shoot and there is no need. For advanced edits like stray hairs, skin blemishes, etc., you can add a note to your order requesting touch-up. We also offer special effects editing used in chomra-key and advertising and we do most of them in house however some will be contracted out.

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