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A Lot Of Faith and Dreams – The Grigsby Farm – Documentary

Our very first documentary is out now!

“A Lot Of Faith And Dreams -The Grigsby Farm” is a heartfelt story about how Steve and Patsy Grigsby wanted more out of life and how their daughter’s wedding made it possible.

Steve and Patsy pour their hearts out telling you how they made their dreams come true and who helped them along the way.

PATYS GRIGSBY – “I started making my cabin more… open for people to come in”.

Their beautiful farm and log cabin (located in Bagdad, KY) are the focal point of this entire documentary, and it shows how they ended up sharing it with the world. Today celebrities are staying at this beautiful log cabin.

A big thank you goes out to Katie Ferriell Crotzer and New Outlook Realty who made it possible to tell this story. A super thank you goes out to Steve and Patsy Grigsby who allowed us to tell their story. And a thank you to Jonathan Mertz for making the film for us.


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