New for 2019

Our Multimedia Company is growing and with four podcasts under our realm and a video division starting this year, 2019 is looking bright.

Our subsidiary site “It’s Your Break” has four podcasts currently in motion. The original, It’s Your Break, The Mini-Break, McGripe’s Gripe of the Moment and Adventures with Bubba. Feel free to check it out at or on iTunes at

We will be adding more information on our services to our website in the near future.

To inquire about our other services email

More Options and Media!

Spark of Vision is moving forward with out plans and aspirations! After the first of the year (2019) we will be launching our audio production division and soon after our graphic design and video production divisions. The goal of Spark of Vision is to be a full service Multimedia company. We are not worried about major recognition, we are worried about delivering excellent products to the people and companies that use our services.